Through the ages, laughter has supported wellness and made us feel good. Now, thanks to modern research and the global health craze of laughter yoga, we know exactly why. Laughing, even on purpose and without jokes, creates significant changes in both the mind and body.

In Laughter For the Health of It, we put this understanding in the context of our work as professional hypnotists. The result is a book that will teach you how to exercise your laugh muscles with easy-to-use techniques specifically designed for older adults, children, and anyone suffering challenges such as chronic pain, anxiety, grief, depression and sleep problems.

The information and ideas contained in our book, Laughter For the Health of It,  some of which are also shared here on this website, will help improve not only your life, but the lives of people you touch, because that’s how healing works. We are all constantly influencing one another - in person or remotely, intentionally or not - and it is our hope that you will not only learn and apply, but also share the fun and easy laughter-for-healing exercises that we are talking about.


Who are we?

We are two mind/body experts who’ve known for quite some time the many benefits of allowing ourselves to smile and laugh. In fact, Dave regularly conducts trainings for other hypnosis professionals so that they might experience it for themselves and learn new ways to encourage clients to laugh for healing.

Kelley incorporates “laughter for the health of it” into her hypnosis work automatically, guiding clients to exercise their laugh track as one of the foundational approaches for feeling better because people who feel better, heal better.