“When I was nineteen someone gave me a cassette that changed my life. The tape was of a group lead by one of my favorite authors, Robert Anton Wilson, and the only thing on it was laughter. There were raucous guffaws, high pitched chuckles, belly laughs, subdued giggles, and snorts. It was wave after wave, a tapestry of laugh as soundscape. It was impossible not to join in. I found it irresistible and listened at least twice a day. I found myself playing it for others and we would sit around my east village apartment laughing. It was contagious. I rode the wave of laughter right out of my depressive episode and used that tape as a magic wand whenever I had a friend in need.

Kelley Woods and Dave Berman share insights into why that daily laughter was so healing for me. They put together a collection of techniques and processes to share with groups, clients, family and friends that cultivate laughter as medicine. The idea of “unconditional laughter” is something we would all benefit by exploring.”

 - Melissa Tiers, author of Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change, The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit: Rapid Techniques to Rewire the Brain and Keeping the Brain in Mind: Practical Neuroscience for Coaches, Therapists and Hypnosis Practitioners.


“From the moment I started reading I was sucked in. Over 40 years ago in my early days of clinical training, I vividly remember observing Virginia Satir working with a family. In an intense moment of emotional upset, she cracked a joke with the Dad and got the whole family laughing. She used laughter to change the state so that they could move from right and wrong to a place where they could listen and hear.

After the family had left, we asked her about her use of humor and she was so emphatic about the importance of humor as a therapeutic tool to move people to wellness. Laughter for the Health of It is filled with tools and resources to facilitate our clients to gain control over their mood and physical states. I highly recommend Laughter for the Health of It and believe that it should be required reading for all health and wellness professionals.”

- Roger Moore, CHt, www.HypnosisHealthInfo.com


"I loved this book! Great information about the benefits of mindful, daily laughter and an excellent interview with Dr. Madan Kataria. Inspiring insights, helpful tips and some very creative laughter exercises. A wealth of practical information that you can put to good use in your laughter practice. A valuable reference book to keep handy. Highly recommended reading for all of my Laughter Yoga Leaders, students, laughter club members and everyone else who wants to enjoy a better quality life."

- Alexa Drubay, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher from Media, PA  www.laughteryogawithalexa.com

“Full Disclosure: Dave Berman was my room-mate at the HypnoThoughts Live convention about a year before this writing. He arrived at around three in the morning, and my alarm went off at six that morning. Now, when I hear an alarm go off--even my own--I tend to be puzzled by the sound and then annoyed or even enraged at the thought of waking up. However, that morning, about the time that I figured out the obnoxious music was indeed my alarm, I heard another sound that confused me even more. I slowly realized it was Dave, laughing uproariously from the other hotel bed. 

Once I was coherent enough to speak, I asked him what was so funny about my alarm, and he replied that years of Laughter Yoga had rewired his brain so that he now laughs spontaneously at frustration. Being in the business of applied neuroplasticity, I was intrigued.

When attending Dave's class at that convention, I found myself laughing spontaneously and indeed uncontrollably after just a few of the exercises he describes in this book; I also felt amazingly blissful. I was hooked. 

Since that time, I've become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader myself. The recovering addicts at the center where I teach Anger Management enjoy Laughter Yoga as a valuable tool for emotional regulation. I combine laughter with conventional techniques for my hypnosis clients. And I've learned to laugh at my own frustrations, making me happier, calmer, and more positive.

So now, a year later, this book by Woods and Berman has expanded my thinking about laughter as a therapeutic tool, providing new techniques and insights. I wish I'd had it a year ago, because I can see it's a great introduction to the power of laughter.”

- James Hazlerig, MA, CHP, Certified Yoga Laughter Teacher, Harmony Hypnosis, www.hypnosisaustin.com


Dave Berman and Kelley T. Woods strike a funny bone with Laughter for the Health of It. The information in this dynamic, easy to read book is life-changing, and will have you adding more laughter to your life with each turn of the page. You will learn how truly beneficial this positive resource state is to your health and well being, and that laughter really IS the best medicine.

They also give practical tips for clinical hypnotherapists to incorporate laughter into their hypnosis change-work as a powerful and dynamic tool. This book is a gem!” 

- Stephanie C. Conkle, BA, CCH, NLP, Clear Life Results Hypnotherapy, www.clearliferesults.com